3 things to do when the business is slow

Everyone in the company knows that there will inevitably be slowdowns: the moments when customers disappear, sales decline, and overall activity decreases. Whether it’s a seasonal slowdown or a general economic decline, your survivability depends on how you react when

5 Ways to Kill Your Business Networking Goals

How many times have you set a goal and it has failed? A goal of fitness. Weight loss. Company. Networking. Financier. New job. This vacation destination that you may never see, etc., etc. Sometimes reaching a goal is easy, which

Why should you build a relationship with your small business lender?

Compared to equity financing, which applies long-term investor partnerships, small business loans are really a “one size fits all”. You take a small business loan, you pay interest to your lender over a period of time, and you are ready

Military companies that belong to a spouse face their biggest obstacle: the military

This article was written by a coalition of small military business owners. Visit www.musterup.co to sign our petition and join a growing number of voices calling for positive and concrete changes for military companies. Since September 11, 2001, a new

Business solutions can make the trade more comprehensive

International trade can be one of the main reasons for the growth of small businesses, but small businesses have an indisputable disadvantage when it comes to unlocking global markets. Solutions from the private sector can help a lot. Bookbarn International

10 things you can do now if you want your small business to survive Hurricane Harvey

When most people dream of starting a small business, they think it will be apple pie, baseball and easy going. This can happen sometimes, but the reality is that most small businesses face huge obstacles that make them stumble and